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How to send photos to your TV with Chromecast

A new update of Chromecasts introduced a new feature on the dongle backdrop which allows you to view photos when you are not busy using the device for streaming functionality. So you can view photos from other sources, news and forecasts, let's see how to get this new function.

First make sure that you have updated your Chromecast to the latest version available, and that the applications it contains are also updated.

Make sure you've updated your Chromecast to the latest firmware and that your associated Chromecast apps are up to date too. Backdoor availablein Chromecast for iOS and the Chromecast version for Android is about to arrive.

Open the Chromecast application and you will see a new Backdrop option in the menu on the left. Click on this option to open the settings page. Now the user will be asked to log in to their Google account, if you have not done this previously, this will allow the application to access, among other things, your own Google+ photosand then it will be only a question of wiretapping, click S and OK to confirm that you want to use Backdrop.

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<p style=If they are not automatically connected, select Chromecast and then choose the device from the list when it appears. You should therefore be able to configure the content you want to see when Chromecast is idle, including Google+ albums. By default, you will see one presentation of images uploaded by other users and curated galleries on the web.

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