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Difference between his and hers

The contraction is the mixing of two words into a single word with the help of an apostrophe ('), as the words'' are combined with an apostrophe and contracted as' '. 'It's' often confused with 'its' in that they are pronounced similar but appear differently as the latter does not have an apostrophe. Furthermore, they also differ in their meanings, since in " his "represents the property, while" "a short form or o.

So using them incorrectly in our sentences could change its meaning. Let's understand their difference with the help of the examples below:

  • a sunny day in New York. Central Park known here for his sunbathing.
  • the house of my cat and del his kitten.
  • time for the party and the his main theme retr.

In these sentences, we have used it, as a contraction make the sentence easier and shorter, while used to show belonging or possession.

Comparative chart

Basis for your comparison
Sense a possessive adjective, which represents belonging to something already mentioned or easily recognizable. a short form of the expression "" or "ha".
What is it? determiner Contraction
Examples The cat sitting on his carpet. Not my car.
Agra's specialty is his Taj Mahal. a year has passed since we met.
The computer and its parts are very expensive. my life.

Its definition

The word "his" is a possessive form of the word "it", which means belonging to some place, animal, child or any non-living object, which previously mentioned or implied. always followed by a name to which it refers.

Examples :

  • The dog has the her home.
  • Jaipur famous for i his strong.
  • The entity has distributed i his earnings in the form of dividends to shareholders.
  • Bicycles and i his ancillary prices rose 20% this year.
  • The behavior of a child depends on her education.

It's definition

The word "" a contraction for "" or "ha", which is used to make the sentence simple and easy to read and understand. While 'it' is a pronoun used to indicate non-living things, animals, places etc. While 'is' and 'has' are auxiliary / auxiliary verb.

Examples :

  • Not necessary
  • it was a great day
  • a your mistake, correct it.
  • a long story.
  • an old saying that "Beggars cannot be chosen".

Key difference between his and hers

The points listed below are noteworthy regarding the difference between his and hers:

  1. It is a possessive version of the pronoun "it", used to show belonging or ownership to something, which was mentioned previously or easily correlated. a commonly spoken form of the expression "" or "ha".
  2. While nothing but an attributive adjective, a contraction.
  3. Example : you are getting late. I have lost my car keys, I need to buy them its new keys.



  • TV has the his remote controller.
  • You will get i his accessories.
  • The dog known for the her loyalty.


  • It deals with of priority
  • Sar very difficult.
  • your desire to meet Nainee.

How to remember the difference

An easy way to memorize their difference between his and hers that when possible expand it, to "" or "it" uses it, otherwise it uses it in the sentence.