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Crossy Road Castle is the latest game available on the Apple Arcade

You will surely remember the old and expensive Crossy Road. Now comes what could be considered the full-fledged sequel. It takes the name of Crossy Road Castle, and a horizontal scrolling platformer, available on Apple Arcade. To be played alone or in company.

Visually, the title will certainly be familiar to everyone, with the usual pixel-style cartoon graphics. This time, however, the more traditional gameplay, and extends horizontally and vertically and does not have the same isometric view as the classic Crossy Road. The aim is to guide the game protagonist through the levels full of coins to collect and enemies to avoid, trying to resist the screen as long as possible, in an attempt to advance level after level. The player will have three hearts at his disposal, which will be lost at every impact with the enemy.

It is possible to play together, therefore conceived as a cooperative arcade game, but it can also be played solo. Several controllers are enough to be able to join the raid, so you can better collect as many objects as possible, unlocking all the characters present.

Crossy Road Castle the latest game available on Apple Arcade

The levels and variations present within the stage are generated gradually, so that the adventures in the tower will always be different. Moreover, as you try to break your own records, the user will get new content, with the continuous addition of new towers and characters.

The new title, as well as all the others in the Arcade series are playable on Apple Arcade, included in the subscription of 4.99 euros per month. If you want to read an insight on how the company's streaming service works, we invite you to read this insight. To read all the news on the service, including the new games published after the launch, however, go to this link.