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CES 2013: Luci, the folding and inflatable solar-powered lantern

febrero 29, 2020

CES 2013: Luci, the folding and inflatable solar-powered lantern CES 2013: Luci, the folding and inflatable solar-powered lantern

Lights an innovative solar-powered solution shown by the company at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Micro Power Design. If you are looking for an ecological camping light, a lantern for a party or a simple emergency lamp, this curious accessory could be what you need. a foldable and inflatable lantern of small dimensions (12.5 cm in diameter), water resistant with integrated solar-powered LED light for which you can choose three settings: dim glow, maximum brightness or emergency light.

It can be used as a work lamp or a modern portable lantern that can hold a charge for two months. It does not need maintenance, it is recharged with solar energy, made with resistant materials and according to the manufacturer it can withstand even in extreme conditions. Recharging takes from five to six hours in sunlight and this can provide the lantern with autonomy with which to obtain from eight to twelve hours of light.

As you can imagine, the accessory in question can be useful in camping, for outdoor parties, as an emergency light, as an emergency tool to be left in the car in case of need for an additional light and so on. The company also thinks of the product for the poorest countries that do not have access to the electricity grid: a device like this allows you to avoid the costs of electricity and kerosene. The cost is around $ 16.

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(By Mauro Notarianni)

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