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Camera SX Pro: take photos and record audio on iPhone as on Galaxy …


Camera SX Pro: Take your photos and also capture the sound on iPhone as on Galaxy S4

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Samsung's Galaxy S4, in addition to a slightly renewed design compared to the Galaxy S3, it also introduces various system applications and very interesting features.

Leaving aside the discussion on the usefulness of the software features introduced by Samsung with the Galaxy S4, I remind you that, in the GS4 camera, a function has been introduced that allows you to take photos and record audio simultaneously.

In this way you have the possibility of take a photograph and, at the same time, you can record a few seconds of audio in the background to better relive the moment of shooting later.

This function, as I said, perhaps not very useful, but certainly "cool".

Obviously, after a short period of exclusive for Galaxy S4, a similar app arrives for iPhone and iPad that introduces this functionality on Apple devices. The program in question is calledCamera SX Pro:as we said, this software allows you to blend photos and audio in an extremely easy and immediate way.

Thanks to the Camera SX Pro application you can capturing your best moments through photos, which will be combined with background audio. In this way, you can immortalize photos and audio quickly and easily.

The application offers an elegant user interface inspired by real DSLR cameras and allows you to take photos with or without flash using the front and rear camera of your smartphone.

In addition, once you have taken the photo, you can also edit and customize it with the many filters and effects offered by the application. Comfortable! All filters have been carefully created for this application and make your photos more expressive and realistic. I also point out that, using the Enhance function, you can improve the sky and clouds in your photos. Do not miss the opportunity to share the photo on the fly on Twitter and Facebook directly from the application.

If interested, find itSX Pro camerain the App Store Localized in English. The size of the application is 15.2 MB.

Camera SX Pro is a program highly recommended for all iPhone and iPad owners: it allows you to take photos while also recording audio, just like on Galaxy S4.

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