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Apple is looking for an iPhone Carrier Manager for Italy

Apple is looking for an iPhone Carrier Manager for Italy logomacitynet1200wide 1

In the section of the Apple site dedicated to staff recruitment, Cupertino has recently published a new position entitled "iPhone Carrier Manager, Italy". The primary objective described as "Developing and managing the iPhone business for Italy". In the long and detailed description of the tasks, responsibilities and skills required for the position, we report some particularly interesting passages.

The appointee will have to develop and implement a marketing model for the stores, to maximize the impact of the Apple brand within the stores. For the position explicitly required a similar previous experience, in the role of National or Global Account Manager within a company that manufactures mobile phones.

In the last paragraph of the advertisement, we read that the company, therefore Apple Italy and Apple in general, expects to grow significantly within a few years, so a person with the motivation and the ability to grow together with the business is required. The phrase practically a company ritual in numerous advertisements for the search for personnel, in any case knowing it refers to Apple Italy, cannot leave indigenous Apple fans indifferent. The entire text of the Apple personnel search can be consulted on this Web page.

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