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Amazon App Shop: app worth 100 euros for …

The interest of Amazon for the offers applications, a segment often underestimated by rivals Google, continues by focusing on the main useful opportunities to pay tribute to users of free and discounted gifts and services by launching a clear shoulder from the Google Play Store. On the occasion of Black Friday, the Amazon App Shop returns to have its say with a portfolio full of interesting dynamics to draw on.

The new complimentary offer includes well 40 app for Android, compatible with the main devices in circulation, for a total value of approx 100 euros and some of them perhaps represent the opportunity to win the title that has been sought for some time without having to pay anything. The Amazon application deals they are all tied to one basic requirement, namely the installation of theAmazon App Shop in order to have access to the personal cloud and to the download store on your device.

Below are the Amazon proposals with all the premium titles for the Black Friday:

Amazon App-Shop offers

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