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All the Italian prices of the new laptops.

All the Italian prices of the new laptops. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Here are the prices of the new Apple machines available from November … There is also room for the new compact power supply that can also work with the old TI and iBook 2001.

For the G4 Powerbooks a special offer … this is the Promo "DOUBLE THE RAM" which will allow the buyers of the new PowerBooks to find the double of the RAM provided for the chosen configuration directly installed by the factory. The customer will not have to do anything: simply by ordering one of the standard configurations, from 16 October 2001 to 31 December 2001 inclusive, the PowerBook will be supplied with double the installed RAM. The products covered by the promo are: – M8362T / A PowerBook G4 550 128MB / 20GB / DVD-ROM – M8363T / A PowerBook G4 667 256MB / 30GB / DVD-ROM / AirPort The additional DIMMs installed are placed in the second slot, effectively filling the available slots.

Special offers

Offer under the tree: iPhone 11 discounted by 100 euros

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