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Wi-Fi positioning in Broadcom chips

Wi-Fi positioning in Broadcom chips logomacitynet1200wide 1

With a release yesterday, Broadcom and Skyhook Wireless announced a collaboration that will lead to the integration of Wi-Fi positioning technologies developed by Skyhook within the chips built by Broadcom. Thanks to this collaboration, the location services will be more useful and precise than the use of GPS and AGPS solutions.

It is worth mentioning that Skyhook Wireless is a pioneer of the location created using the Wi-Fi signal: the device detects the access points in the area and compares the information collected with a database of known Wi-Fi access points, thus managing to identify the location even where GPS cannot go. The Skyhook solution offers better results in densely populated areas, large cities where numerous access points are available. In the United States, the location offered by Skyhook works perfectly in centers where high buildings block the sky view necessary for GPS, allowing location and associated services even when the user is indoors.

Apple has integrated Skyhook Wireless positioning via Wi-Fi, combining it with the Maps program that has been on iPhone and iPod touch for some time. In fact, Cupertino recognized the potential of this innovative technology well in advance, adopting it in its flagship paperbacks. The agreement announced yesterday between Skyhook and Broadcom, one of the most important suppliers of chips for mobile phones and pocket devices, confirms Apple's choice and promises interesting developments in this sector.

For more information on Skyhook technology, refer to this Macity article. Finally, we remind you that in order to work positioning via Wi-Fi you need to map the area, to create a database of known Wi-Fi access points: in our country there are still few urban centers served by this technology.

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