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There is great discontent among companies that use Microsoft operating systems after Redmond has established new upgrade policies. The new program, which starts on Monday, provides that those who buy Redmond software and an upgrade program using volume distribution is also obliged to purchase updates when they are released. On the contrary, the companies that sign a contract of this type with Microsoft will also be obliged to buy all the updates without being able to choose whether to do it or not. According to some calculations estimated by USA Today, the levitation of costs will be sensitive and will go from 33 to 107%. For example, a company that has 5,000 machines will purchase a three-year upgrade program from Microsoft that will go from an expense of $ 900,000 to $ 1.5 million. The cost of the upgrade program for a single PC will rise from $ 335 to $ 651. In addition to this, there is also the fear that the need to update systems every time Microsoft releases an upgrade may cause problems that are difficult to solve in the work chain. introducing incompatibilities with applications and peripherals. Not to mention the costs in terms of staff retraining and those for updating the machines that could take weeks. The level of irritation among the managers of the IT systems has reached very high levels, but no one capable of being able to contrast this initiative for the irreplaceability of the Windows operating system in many work environments. Some do not give up. In England, for example, a group of companies asked the British government to investigate the increase in costs. Microsoft replies that the program has been changed at the request of users and that only a few will end up paying more, 50% will pay the same overall, 30% will pay even less.

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