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Very Mobile is born, the new anti-iliad operator created by Wind Tre

As already happened for Tim (Kena) and Vodafone (ho.), Wind Tre is now also equipped with an anti-iliad offer, launching the new virtual mobile operator Very Mobile.

The entry of the French operator into our country has caused a real earthquake in the mobile telephony sector, with great advantages for users, who now have richer GB packages and calls spending much less, but also with the loss of numerous customers for historic operators seeking to compete with ad hoc offers and especially through their virtual mobile operators.A new anti-iliad operator is born: Very Mobile the low cost of Wind Tre

The anti-iliad offer of Very Mobile consists of a 30GB plan of data traffic per month for connections on 4G networks but with a theoretical maximum speed limited by 30 Mbps both in upload and download. The package that costs 4.99 euros per month also includes minutes of unlimited calls and unlimited SMS. The cost of the SIM plus the activation of 25 euros, in any case for those coming from another virtual mobile operator, iliad included, the cost is reduced to only 5 euros. Below is the list of the operators of origin for which the discount is valid for those who switch to Very Mobile: A new anti-iliad operator is born: Very Mobile the low cost of Wind TreThe offer includes the services I have been looking for you, RingMe, the hotspot function to use your phone's data traffic via computer and also 2.4GB of data traffic when traveling in Europe. It should be noted that Very Mobile's anti-iliad plan is a launch offer valid only for the first 20 thousand customers: the operator does not specify what will happen next, but it is legitimate to foresee an increase in the monthly cost for those who register once this limit is exceeded.

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On Macitynet we followed the arrival of the new fourth national mobile operator starting from the advances, to the presentation of iliad Italia held in Milan, with insights on the iliad tariffs on offer launch from 5.99 euros per month for 30 GB plus unlimited calls and SMS, passing for Simbox shops and vending machines, upon signing the plan via the Internet with delivery of the iliad SIM at home, finally also with a tutorial on how to activate the iliad SIM once it is delivered to your home.

In November, iliad italia users exceeded 4.5 million: the operator continues to invest to expand its proprietary cellular network. In this article the details of the offer from 50GB per month to 7.99 euros instead here the offers of Kena and Ho, low cost virtual operators respectively of TIM and Vodafone, introduced to counter the growing success of iliad in Italy.

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