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Two new Macally accessories for iPhone and iPod

Macally presents two new accessories for iPhone and iPod owners, in this case particularly ideal for those who travel frequently and need maximum practicality on-the-go.

The first is the PowerPal, a power adapter that allows you to connect your device to the power outlet: thanks to the numerous reducers, it will be possible to use this accessory anywhere, even abroad. In fact, all the relevant gearboxes are available to reach the power outlets all over the world, both via USB and through the classic plug.Included in the package is a dock / USB cable and a carrying case, the PowerPal available at a cost of $ 30 , and branded Made for iPod and Works with iPhone.


The second accessory is the JboxMini, an auxiliary battery which, in case of need, will be able to supply additional energy to any device that can be connected via USB or mini USB: mobile phones, PDAs, PDAs, mp3 players and obviously iPods and iPhones. It contains a lithium battery, rechargeable even simply by connecting to the computer, and capable of providing about 3 or 4 hours of auxiliary autonomy to the appropriate device. The cost of the JboxMini of 30 dollars.


Recall that in Italy Macally products are distributed by ADL and Ellessecom.