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The FireWire festival

At the "FireWire festival" held yesterday in Taipei, 47 new devices compatible with the IEEE 1394 standard were approved and approved as compatible. The event, a cross between a happening and a producers convention, took place carried out at the Ritz hotel in the capital of Taiwan involving about twenty companies including Microsoft, Agere Systems, Apple Computer and Sony. A total of 86 different devices were presented and over the three days during which the event unfolded, 506 tests were conducted. One of the aims of the "festival", which became an appointment with regular deadlines among those organized by the IEEE 1394 consortium. , also to demonstrate the interoperability of FireWire devices by advertising in a time the ease of connection and their flexibility. This is the complete list of companies that have joined: Agere Systems, Bencent Tzeng Industry Co. Ltd., Billionton Systems Inc. , DataFab Systems, Inc., DoTop Technology, Inc., Genesys Logic, Glory Mark Electronic Ltd., Joinsoon Electric Mft. Co. Ltd., Kouwell Electronics Corporation, LSI Logic, MacPower, Microsoft Corporation, NEC, NSTL / Allion Computer Inc., Procomp, Silicon Integrated Systems Group, Sony Japan, Texas Instruments, Unixtar Technology, VIA Technologies, Inc. and Visual Frontier Co. Ltd.The next terr "festival" in Los Angeles from 11 to 13 February 2002