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Record pc activities to control and spy on the use of a computer

Programs to monitor the activities and the use of the computer by spying on what is done for control or surveillance

Spy on PC Very often the computers used at home are shared, so different people from the same family can use it without problems. In the offices, however, there is an administrator who configures the computers of bosses and employees according to company policies, which are often very restrictive. In a generic family, the person who spends more hours at the computer dedicates himself to the care of the PC: he does the maintenance, organizes his own desktop and is careful that no mess occurs. If a parent configures the computer for their children, do everything they can to use it safely, also trying to understand what they can do when accessing the Internet (child supervision is never too much). In companies, it may happen that an office manager puts his employees' PCs under surveillance to check what they do and what sites they visit. In this guide we will therefore tell you how monitor the activities and operations performed on a computer, useful for both statistical control both as real surveillance on the computer, be it corporate or personal.

How to check and spy on your PC

Registering the PC activity includes the control of the programs that are executed and the creation of a historical memory that acts as a Log, that is, a list of the operations carried out, so as to always know what is done in our absence or when we do not pay attention to what is done.

Windows activity log

On Windows 10 the log the event viewer, which we can quickly recall by pressing the right button on the Start menu in the lower left and pressing on the item Event viewer. event viewer "height =" 224 "src =" This event log, rather limited to system information, does not clearly provide what has been done and what has been started, since it mainly reports errors without giving any notification about the programs used. This register is only good for occasional checking or to check when the PC has been turned on or off (useful for unmasking unauthorized night sessions).

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If we are looking for a real program to use to control or spy on a PC, we can immediately try KidLogger which spies on what is written, sites seen and programs used. KidLogger

By starting this program from our administrator account we will be able to record the keys and phrases generated by the PC keyboard but also the open applications, the websites that have been visited in our absence and much more.This program is easy to configure, difficult to track and equally easy to monitor, since it is enough to read the logs generated by the program (in a folder that can also be protected) to understand what is done on the PC for a specific user account.


Another very good program to record the activity of the PC Hooker, also available for free for any PC. Hooker

By installing this program on the computer to be monitored we will be able to capture all the keys typed on the keyboard and the programs started but also to capture the copy and paste made on the Web pages or in other documents. The log file can be protected, so that it cannot be deleted or discovered easily. The convenience of this program is free for non-commercial use and presents itself as a portable application, that is, we can start it immediately without having to do any installation.

Keylogger Free Revealer

Among the best programs to control and spy on the use of the computer we also recommend Revealer Keylogger Free. Keylogger Free Revealer

By installing this program on our PC we will have a powerful control tool, able to keep track of the texts typed on the keyboard, the passwords entered and a copy of the conversations made and the programs open, with the possibility of capturing screenshots every few minutes as proof of the fact happened. The program can be used for free without limits, although some advanced functions are only available in the paid version.

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Spy Monitor Screen Recorder

Are we looking for a program to record everything that happens on the screen? In this case we can rely on Spy Monitor Screen Recorder. Spy Monitor Screen Recorder

By starting this program we will be able to collect sceenshot of each program started or of any action performed on the PC, so as to always have a trace of what is done in front of it in our absence. The program is very small and easily concealable, to the point of almost completely disappearing: we can in fact retrieve it with a keyboard shortcut.

Windows Activity Monitor

For monitor the activities and use of the PC a free program done very well is called Windows Activity Monitor which installs itself as system service (thus remains invisible) and operates in the background. Wamon "height =" 281 "src =" "

The service automatically records the activity and operations performed on the PC and generate gods graphic reports which can be accessed with a web browser. Access to this information is available both locally, on the same controlled PC, both remotely, i.e. from another networked PC, for example from another room. It can be very useful for parents to monitor their children's PC usage and for an administrator or an office manager to control employee activities, employees and consultants.


A similar ActiveTrack program, free up to the control of three computers, which monitors all the activities of the computers connected in a network and generates excellent summary graphs to know what employees are doing and how they work Since spying on non-legal employees, this tool could still be used since it is mainly used to generate statistics and send messages.

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Finding programs that can spy on the computer and monitor the activity performed completely free is not easy, since companies still want to get a fair profit from the "desire to spy" of their users, offering products that are very powerful and difficult to identify. By using the programs indicated, however, we will be able to apply a good form of control on any type of computer.

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