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Puzzle Coaster, a cute puzzle game for Android

Between games the most popular on the Google Play Store are i puzzle game. Both adults and children like them for the simple reason that they sometimes test strategic skills, other times memory skills, other times the player's organizational skills. Among the news in terms of puzzle game for Android, in this article we report Puzzle Coaster.

Not the first time we report them, as you can see in the article The best free and paid Android Puzzle Games. The reason they are very addicting games.

In the case of Puzzle Coaster, the scenario represented by the roller coaster of a fairground. Available, there are 63 levels, substantially divided into 3 locations: Frantic Campos, Western world is Halloween.

Puzzle Coaster puzzle game Android games

In each painting, you will have to face increasingly difficult paths to complete with threats and obstacles represented by an increasing number of turns of the door, explosives and springs. Guaranteed fun for passengers. Many bonuses are present in each painting. The coins they are certainly the most obvious.

From level to level, the complexity of Puzzle Coaster tends to increase. Constant present in all puzzle games. C to know perfectly the functioning of the puzzles and to fully exploit the potential of the components of the editor.

If you love i puzzle game, all I can do is invite you to download to your Android device Puzzle Coaster. Fast-paced rhythms assured, as in all similar games. The free download (44 M). Many purchases in the app, available at prices between 0.99 euros and 7.99 euros.

Download link: Puzzle Coaster

For a clearer overview, I refer you to the video trailer of this cute puzzle game for Android.

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