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ProtectedApps: hide or protect your apps with a secret code

How many times have you happened to give yours smartphone in the hands of some of your friends and then discover that the aforementioned friend had saved some of your photos? Today we have the right solution for you!

In these times increasingly difficult keep safe our devices, and even when we believe we have everything under control not really like this. For this the defa user of XDA has created the application ProtectedApps which will allow you to protect your apps (including the various ones file manager or the gallery) with a PIN or password of your choice, in the same way as lockscreen.



  • Different methods of observation: at the first start of the application, during use or both;
  • Configurable unlock duration;
  • Possibility to disable the automatic blocking of the application;
  • Ability to choose when to notify: always, when you unlock an application, never;
  • Duration of the unlock screen configurable;
  • Ability to choose whether or not to enable the slide before unlocking.

If you make a donation you can protect more than 5 apps.For the correct use of all the functionality of the application it is necessary to have an updated device ad Android 4.2, sand you are using an older version of Android unsupported functions will be automatically hidden by the application.

In addition, to use the application you need to have installed theXposed Framework (needs the root).

The dots next to each application indicate their type:

  • YELLOW: System application, bootable from the launcher.
  • YELLOW + BLUE: System application, cannot be started directly from the launcher.
  • BLUE: Application installed by the user, bootable from the launcher.

The unlocking methodologies supported by the application are:

  • Knock code
  • Pattern
  • PIN
  • Password

Recommendations:To ensure that you protect your recommended device, protect the following apps:

  • Google Play Store
  • Xposed Installer
  • Package-Installer
  • Settings
  • ProtectedApps

So as not to allow anyone to install / uninstall applications, enable or disable i Xposed modules or change the settings of your smartphone.

IMPORTANT: Before protecting any app, remember to configure ProtectedApps settings!


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