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Programs rejected on the App Store, Apple silences the developers

Programs rejected on the App Store, Apple silences the developers logomacitynet1200wide 1

Too many controversies and too many criticisms. This is the reason why Apple has given a new crackdown to the communication policy between its employees in the support system for the publication of applications on the App Store and the developers. From today, in fact, all mail exchanges are explicitly subject to an embargo, which means that the contents are no longer freely communicable outside the channel between the developer and Apple itself.

The choice to make it clear that nothing Apple has said to developers can be republished or even simply reported, obviously has to do with the backfire of negative opinions that have been unleashed around the choice to reject some applications. Among them we mention Podcaster, a program to download podcasts and Mailwrangler, useful for directly downloading Gmail mail from multiple accounts without going from one to the other.

By publishing the message: "the information contained in this message is under non-disclosure" at the top of the messages, Apple intends to keep its choices regarding the acceptance or refusal of applications confidential, equating them explicitly with other communications already subject to confidentiality agreement. In fact, as several sites note, the previous agreement signed by the developers would have already prohibited the dissemination of this information, but several developers had however made public the refusal of their applications, causing a heated debate on the philosophy applied by Apple on the subject. Now making it clear that even communications regarding the acceptance or refusal of applications subject to embargo, Cupertino equips himself with a weapon that could be used more easily and with less scruple towards those who violate the rules.

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