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Nintendo DS Android emulator, guide and ROM download

Fanatics of the innovative dual display console born in 2004? Are you curious about the possibility of having fun all over the world interacting simultaneously with two screens? Do you want to live / relive this type of emotion? Obviously we are talking about the Nintendo DS, and in the article we will explain how to emulate Nintendo DS with Android thanks to DraStic DS, the application that acts asNintendo DS Android emulator.

Nintendo DS Android emulator

There are numerous apps that can play there, many to find malfunctions and therefore do not allow you to fully enjoy the gaming experience, and in fact we advise you to use your own DraStic DS, the Nintendo DS Android emulator, currently available in the Play Store in two variants: the "DEMO" (link), free but full of restrictions such as the limit to use it for a maximum of 30 minutes (in essence you only need to test if it runs on your device), and the complete one (link), currently available for purchase at 4.49; if it frightens you to face such an expense, we reply saying that every penny well spent considered the perfect way to emulate Nintendo DS with Android and related games (in the second paragraph I will indicate some sites from which to download the Nintendo DS ROM).

Let's finally proceed with the guide Nintendo DS emulator: buy it from the links above, install it and start it; we inform you that unlike PPSSPP, there are no need for particular set-ups to make the various versions run very well (in the end, depending on the technical characteristics of the device)videogameon the Nintendo DS Android emulator, nevertheless if you still want to "tweak" between the various settings we do not prevent you from doing it, on the contrary you may even be able to discover the perfect configuration for you. In addition also plausible, for example, enter personal data or select the layout you prefer for the display pair:Download-ROM-Nintendo-DS-2 "width =" 667 "height =" 400 "srcset =" 750w, 696w, -ROM-Nintendo-DS-2-700x420.jpg 700w "sizes =" (max-width: 667px) 100vw, 667px "/> Next step of course to download Nintendo DS ROMs compatible with the Nintendo DS Android emulator.</p>
<h2 style=Download Nintendo DS ROM

After the short and simple Nintendo DS emulator tutorial, let's go ahead with the fulfillment of the ROM download Nintendo DS always reminding you that it is illegal to download unless you already have the original copies: they must be in the format.ndsand transfer to a folder of your choice, after which to use it simply open the program, press on "Load New Game" and select the game file from the chosen path; here is a trio of Web pages from which you can get them:

We suggest that you take some time in case the ROMs you are looking for are not available, do not satisfy you or, in the most extreme case, are not suitable for our Nintendo DS Android emulator.

Emulate Nintendo DS with Android

In conclusion, you can well read that elementary to install the Nintendo DS Android emulatorIt is just as easy to download the Nintendo DS ROM, so there is nothing left to do but have fun with yoursvideogame favorites and who knows, maybe even discover others; here is a preview of a gallery with application gliscreenshot:

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