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Lose weight with the advice of the Dukan diet

Lose weight with the advice of the Dukan diet logomacitynet1200wide 1

Warm first and first doubts about the conditions in which winter left us from the point of view of physical condition. iPhone and iPad cannot definitively dissolve them, but they can help you try to put back the "bacon" thanks to the plethora of applications that explain how to lose weight. Among others we point out iDieta Dukan.

The application is based on the Dukan method which promises to control weight without excessive sacrifices, based on "intelligent" use of foods with proteins. The application guides with recipes and advice in the four typical phases of the Dunkan dietra: the attack, or the protein regime, cruise, which consists of taking proteins plus vegetables, consolidation with proteins, vegetables, fruits and carbohydrates and stabilization with the consumption of what you prefer for six days a week.

The developer explains how the app is not an official product and that the information contained is not intended to replace the opinion of doctors.

iDieta Dukan for sale on the App Store in the Universal version, for iPad and iPhone, for ? 1.59.

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