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London Expo, more and more accessions

London Expo, more and more accessions logomacitynet1200wide 1

wGo confirmation that the MacExpo in London will be an event of absolute relevance in the panorama of Mac events of the year.In recent days we have in fact given news of the adherence of Adobe but over the weekend the confirmation has arrived that many other realities in the Mac world will be present at the review at the end of November. These are Microsoft, HP, Sony, Macromedia, IBM, MacWarehouse, LaCie, Epson, Iomega, and Microtec. The latest to be added were Demon Internet, Eovia, MAG GBMH, RealViz and XYZ Digital Map.The picture that is taking shape, with the official participation of Apple, of absolute level, such as to make the event, the only one of this flow organized by an independent company of international interest.According to some sources, both Apple and third parties are showing a high interest in the event due to its proximity to the Christmas shopping period which could be stimulated by new consumer products.

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