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iPhone in Greece, a half lost opportunity

As iPhone prepares to launch in a third wave in a number of new countries, Greek customers who have chosen Apple's phone still suffer from using it. The reason? The interface which has not yet been localized in Greek since 22 August. The lack of a software with local alphabet support accompanied by a second problem, not least: the lack of the Greek keyboard.

If for Apple fanatics this was not a big problem, since many have rushed to buy it, now a few weeks later, or when the long wave should touch even the least enthusiastic and most rational sectors and that part of the public who looks at the practical functions of a telephone, sales seem to have dropped significantly.

The enormous expectations for the 2.1 update which according to some rumors had to introduce Greek support, rumors that turned out to be unconfirmed n for the interface n for the keyboard, added frustration and anger among the users, who begin to feel considered third category. Sites like,, and RAM, the leading computer science magazine in Greece, report a series of more than explanatory opinions on the matter.

And to say that the Greek of emails is recognized, thanks to the universal support of Unicode in mobile telephony. It is therefore not easy to understand the reason why if a Greek user wants to write an SMS or an email, he is forced to resort to "Greeklish", a Greek – not standardized – written in Latin characters.

To deal with the problem some willing young people thought that in a few days they took the code of the Russian keyboard and replaced the Unicode coding by making available the Greek keyboard on the website Forum goers, the most fanatical and the most knowledgeable iPhone users, have appreciated a lot, but they feel even more fooled by, since if some non-professional was enough to create the Greek keyboard, probably in Cupertino it would have really taken a lot little. On the other hand, the Greeks still wonder, if Scandinavian countries less populated than Greece, do they have special tastes because the inhabitants of the Mediterranean country do not have it? Is it all just because Scandinavian users have powerful consumer advocacy associations?

Vodafone, who was entrusted with the task of selling iPhones in Greece, is not disturbed. Before the availability of update 2.1, he hypothesized a rapid software update in support of Greek, but now he no longer seems to be able to make predictions. Apple as known to our readers, in Greece not officially present: 4,700 protest signatures dethroned the "exclusive" importer Rainbow, now a simple VAD (Value Added Distributor), but did not convince Cupertino to consider Greek users worthy of equal treatment with other European countries and to open a local branch. All this does not help companies and universities consider the Mac as a first-class product at all, given the reduced pre and post-sales support.

Thanks for the report to Christos Robotis