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In the US, iPhone is bought (for a piece) even from home

In the US, iPhone is bought (for a piece) even from home logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple tries to speed up and streamline the registration process for the purchase of iPhones in the US. The system provides that customers interested in buying the phone can carry out some operations at home; once you have entered some personal and payment information and have reserved the phone, American customers simply have to go to a store to collect their mobile phone.

The commercial initiative should limit waiting times which especially in the first few days has not only caused long queues but also reduced sales volumes.

The new procedure certainly also has to do with the approaching Christmas gift season. Reducing waiting times at the counter is essential to improve the sales experience and incentivize customers, especially when the flow, as in the coming weeks, will be very high.

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Offer under the tree: iPhone 11 discounted by 100 euros

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