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Hi-Fun, from Italy with passion

Fun and technological originality. These are the concepts on which the philosophy of Hi-Fun is founded, a new company from Milan (of which we have already spoken) specialized in the creation and import of hi-tech accessories, not too "tech" but attentive to style and eclecticism.

Amerigo Olivetti, Adalberto Grossi and Guido Falck – partners and founders – told Macity about the history and future of Hi-Fun company born almost as a game: ?Given our common passion for travel, one day we came up with the idea of trying to identify the most original and interesting gadgets that we "discovered" around the world, and commit ourselves to bringing them to Italy, Guido tells us, taking care of the image, packaging and distribution … in a nutshell giving an identity to the product " .

So the three young entrepreneurs, already united by an underlying friendship, decide to create Hi-Fun which, as Amerigo reveals, "also hides the desire to give vent to their passions, such as music, technology and travel, managing to spend your days doing something you love ".

Passion is the fundamental ingredient of Hi-Fun, summarized by Adalberto with the formula "Every morning, 3 computers, telephone and a lot of passion"; a passion expressed in an Apple key, given that the study of the three dominated by the Apple, with two Mac Book Air, a MacBook, a Time Capsule, and a host of iPhones and iPods to be the master.

Obviously Guido's comment to which the others are added: ?Macs work, they don't lock up; and then they are beautiful and for our work simple to use and very simple to integrate and share information ".

Hi-Fun's mission is not so much to hit a "hi-tech" audience, but to promote a brand and trendy products that represent style, originality and that stand out from the anonymity of technological accessories.

For this reason, the launch of the products was entrusted not so much to large retailers, but to a series of "fashion stores", within which the gadgets could stand out and make the public more effective. It starts with 250 "affiliated" sales points (one of all Amedeo D. from Milan), to which names like La Rinascente (Milan and Rome) will soon be added.

"In collaboration then with Skyline by Mario Pontini we managed to make agreements with about 36 premium resellers, who will start distributing our products" continues Amerigo, who again underlines the importance of a marketing choice that tries to affirm the Hi- brand Fun as an element of style, even under the protective wing of the APR, as well as through the classic means of printing, online advertising and even word of mouth.

Their three flagship products, the iBrick iPod speaker, the Xmini speaker and the iSleep sound cushion, summarize the basic concept of Hi-Fun: technology at the service of originality and style.

The three partners then reveal some of the upcoming products, probably for the gift season. "A new iPod speaker, a USB stick and an original battery will arrive; of course, all perfectly Hi-Fun style: eclectic, fun and colorful accessories "Adalberto and Guido explain" as well as new colors for old products ".

In the future of Hi-Fun there is also the desire to expand beyond Italy: "We have made contacts in Brazil, Germany and Israel, while we are already operating in Spain, Switzerland, Austria and Benelux." All our initiatives will still be reported on our website, which is a bit the point of reference for our business "concludes Amerigo.

While waiting to find out what's new, Macitynet will test Hi-Fun's "unpublished" products in the next few days to let you know the impressions of direct use. In the meantime, you can see them up close in this photo gallery that we made simultaneously interview.