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From Mediastore iPhone on sale in installments

Medastore beats the life expectancy with special offers for fans of Apple products. At the popular Milanese retailer, some interesting offers are in progress that help everyone to take home quality products by paying a few lire.

One of the most attractive is certainly the iPhone in 6 installments of 84.75 Euros per month. The object of desire of the moment can be yours at a very special price and without contractual obligations with telephone operators

Mediastore also has LaCie Little Disks at prices never seen before: Lacie 250GB Little Disk for only ? 89.00 including VAT; Lacie 320GB Little Disk for only Euro 119.00 including VAT; Lacie 500GB Little Disk for only Euro 149.00 including VAT.

And for those who ask for a classmate for their iPod, Mediastore offers Bose Sound Dock (black or white) or for only Euro 199.00 including VAT.

For more information you can visit the stores in Via Mercato 22 and in Viale Piave 38 or visit the website where you can discover other promotions