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Even the PC world will say goodbye to the floppy

Even the PC world will say goodbye to the floppy logomacitynet1200wide 1

Even the PC world is preparing to say goodbye to serial ports and floppy disks. A document from Intel, received by the English online newspaper "The Register" and sent to all OEMs that use its chips, the semiconductor giant presents its customers with the need to delete the drives from their production lines. 1.44 MB and the old and obsolete serial ports that have always characterized all Wintel computers. Intel stresses that the first device to say goodbye to the floppy that should disappear, hopes for the documents, in the second half of next year; subsequently the serials should go and with them also PS / 2. Normally Intel has a power of influence on PC manufacturers equal to that of Microsoft from which it can be deduced that with good probability also for the PC world the time has come. Goodbye to these obsolete files and data interchange systems. We remember that Apple has discontinued the floppy and serial ports for some time, replaced by FireWire, CD and USB. The first computer to erase the serial (and SCSI) floppy was the first iMac released in August 1998.

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