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Connect a telescope to your Mac? It's easy with TheSky

Connect a telescope to your Mac? It's easy with TheSky logomacitynet1200wide 1

Software Bisque's TheSky allows, together with The RealSkyView to connect your Mac to different telescopes produced by Meade, Celestronm Vixen and Losmandy through the Belkin and Keyspan USB-serial converters and thanks to a well-stocked database available in three different levels to enter your position on earth and the part of the sky that you have to observe and compare it with the same position on the celestial sphere in a period from 4,712 BC to 10,000 DC. On the CD there are thousands of NGC, IC and PGC images and you can manage a customizable slide show. Not only, thanks to the internet connection you can also download the data of comets and minor planets from the web. Currently the software is available in Beta version and the developer encourages both the download and the discussion on the features of the program. for further improvement.

Run on any Power Mac with Mac 7.6 or later (8.5 recommended) and with Mac OS X in Classic mode

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