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AViiQ Ready Clips, USB connection always at hand

AViiQ Ready Clips, USB connection always at hand logomacitynet1200wide 1

Nowadays, with the need to be always connected and to transport data and documents in digital format, having connection cables available is often essential if not essential, especially for professionals or those who work with digital tools. To meet these needs AViiQ has the Ready Clips, a series of USB connectors with a clip included.

The size of a pen, the Ready Clips can be conveniently attached to the backpack pocket, or inserted into the jacket pocket, next to the pen or business cards, ready to be used when needed. The first end is always the classic rectangular USB connection, while for the second end it is possible to choose between mini USB, micro USB or the dock connector of Apple products. It is therefore interesting also for all those who own an Apple device and always want to have a connection cable at hand.

For those interested, Ready Clips are available on the official AViiQ website, and are sold in assorted pairs at a cost of $ 29.99 a pair, to which shipping costs for Italy will also be added.

Special offers

Offer under the tree: iPhone 11 discounted by 100 euros

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