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Apple reopens over half of the Apple stores in China despite Coronavirus

The first Cupertino stores in China resumed activity last week after the forced closure due to the Coronavirus epidemic: yesterday yesterday Apple reopened more than half of the Apple Stores in China. Now there are 29 operating outlets out of a total of 42 in the Dragon Country, with further reopenings in sight later this week.

Undoubtedly a decisive step towards the return to normal, even if for more than half of the Apple Stores in China, the reduced hours and prevention measures already implemented in the first reopened stores remain in force. Instead of the traditional 12 hours of opening, typically from 10 in the morning to 10 in the evening, some shops are only open for half a day or less. Controlled visitor entrance: it is accessed from a single entrance manned by an employee who checks the temperature, limiting the maximum number of people inside at any time.

The Apple Stores in China reopen, but with reduced hours

The closure of the shops, the forced stop to production activities and the drop in demand in China have forced Apple to revise downwards the forecasts of the financial results of the current quarter. The reopening of more than half of the Apple Stores in China, reported by Bloomberg, suggests a gradual return to normal for the Cupertino retail chain: the situation instead is decidedly more complex and also slow on the production, assembly and supply front.

To deal with the emergency, Apple and its partners have moved part of their production to Taiwan, India, Vietnam and other countries. In addition to the long shipping and delivery times for the most popular Apple products, the effects of Coronavirus in China could also translate into the postponement of the news expected by Apple. It seems that iPhone 9, new MacBooks 13, new iPads and other novelties (perhaps even top-of-the-range Apple headphones, new Apple TV and new Apple Watch straps) could all be presented in an Apple keynote on March 31st.