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Android SEGA emulator: GENPlusDroid

Are you admirers of the two consoles dated 80s Sega Master System and Sega Mega Drive? You want to play videogamelike Alex Kidd, Double Dragon, Shinobi, Virtua Fighter and also Sonic, the famous blue hedgehog? If we ask you these questions not because we are malicious and therefore we aim to make you come back from both gaming machines, but because we would like to inform you that today it is possible to emulate SEGA with Android through the AppGENPlusDroid, theAndroid SEGA emulator.

Android SEGA emulator

As previously announced, the application that we recommend you use to emulate SAW with your own AndroidGENPlusDroid, and the reason found in the fact that it is free, is highly compatible with the games (in the second paragraph we will tell you where to download the SEGA ROM) and is full of functions that improve the user experience: you can freely download the emulator SEGA Android from this Google Play page.

We continue with the guide SEGA emulator: get the software from the overlink, install it, then start it without problems since, unlike other emulators, it does not require specific BIOS or abstruse settings, nevertheless we still invite you to follow the instructions that will appear on the welcome screen and also to tinker among the various options available in the SEGA Android emulator, warning you in addition that you will need a device with good performance to make it run at its best.

Concluded the short and simple SEGA emulator tutorial, let's see how to download SEGA ROM.

Download ROM SAW

Reminding you, as usual, what to do ROM download Illegal SEGA unless you are already in possession of the original video games, they must be in format.sms,.sMD,.zip or.7z(according to what is reported in the features zipped files also play on the Play Store) and placed in a path of your choice from which it is plausible to decide theirdirectory directly from the SEGA Android emulator in question; here are some sites from which you can find them:

Sega Master System:

Sega Mega Drive:

If i videogame if they are not available there, do not satisfy you or are not good for our SEGA Android emulator, we suggest you go for a bit.

Emulate SEGA with Android

In summary: download the SEGA Android emulator from Google Play, install it, perform the SEGA ROM download, transfer the latter to where you prefer on your device and enjoy the fantastic emotions of the past; a preview of some screenshots taken from the App in action:

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