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AMD says enough to the Megahertz myth

AMD says enough to the myth of Megahertz logomacitynet1200wide 1

AMD yesterday announced a new initiative which, if successful, could revolutionize the way consumers perceive the speed of a processor. In fact, according to the second manufacturer of computer processors in the world, the method that is commonly used by both OEMs and users to evaluate performance, the speed in megahertz, misleading because it does not say all about the speed that a processor can offer. Hence the need to set up a series of reliable tests and a series of initiatives to objectively establish the performance of the chips. "True performance Intiative" (TPI), this is its name, was announced for the first time on the day of today during the presentation of the XP series processors and will be aggressively promoted in the coming months with a series of meetings and meetings. According to the observers for AMD, which curiously launched this run-up to the "faster and faster" with the launch of the first processor from 1 GHz, it may be very difficult to impose your vision on the world of semiconductors. Similar efforts in the past have always proved in vain and have not led to appreciable results nor to the development of new benchmark systems. We remember that even Apple, which uses PPC processors, has long been trying to dispel what is called "the myth of MHz ". On the contrary, Intel focuses precisely on this "myth" with all its strength by releasing processors with an ever higher clock speed, even if their performance only increases proportionally much slower than the clock frequency does. .

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