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Amazon music in the UK

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Amazon music arrives in the UK. The opening of the store, very similar to what Amazon offers American customers, is set for October. To report some details on the English site Net Media Age, a magazine specialized in business of interactive media and the Internet.

Negotiations to extend online music sales services to the overseas country for several months. Already in early summer, some British newspapers had reported on negotiations in progress to expand the business of digital content. At that time, the United Kingdom had been spoken of as the first European nation where the store would open its doors. The goal, also supported by record companies, is to attack the iTunes market which is currently the dominant of the market in Europe too.

Now it remains to be seen how Amazon intends to attack this market. The number one retailer on the Internet has an international presence with its stores, but the capillarity is not comparable to that of Apple with iTunes; on Amazon's side there is the fact that the music sold by its store entirely free of Drm, unlike that of Apple.

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