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After Puma, what?

After Puma, what? logomacitynet1200wide 1

MacOs X 10.1 not yet in the hands of the vast majority of users but someone is already thinking about the next operating system update. At present, little or nothing is known about its characteristics. One of the poor details known the codename which, continuing the tradition inaugurated with the presentation of MacOs 10.0 (Cheetah) and continued with MacOs 10.1 (Puma) will have the name of an animal: Jaguar. The sites dedicated to rumors recite, without great fantasy, that the main target once again will be the speed and stability of the system and that we will try to further improve the compatibility of peripherals and software in a Classic environment. Leaving to work with imagination to understand what the update will offer interesting to look for to investigate the possible release date. Some sites claim that we may soon see a small MacOs x 10.1 update; it would not be for Jaguar, but a minor update, on the level of those that have characterized the past months. It is instead probable that Jaguar may arrive later, between February and March of next year, perhaps coinciding with the year of life of Os X.Apple, with the presentation of Puma, in fact seems to have maintained the tradition followed with the Classic environment. Release of a paid operating system, free update after six months to remedy the most important problems, paid update after one year with the integration of new features; new free update and then "jump" forward by a numeral after two years. This was the case, for example, for MacOs 8: upgrade to 8.1, then 8.5 for a fee followed by 8.6, jump of a numeral to MacOs 9. MacOs 9 then was followed by MacOs 9.1 for free, so we should expect after Puma (free update) a MacOs X 10.5, then a 10.5.1 and finally, in the spring of 2003, MacOs X 11? Probable, even if making bets on numbers and projecting your gaze so far becomes difficult; it is also difficult to probe Apple's projects and above all its strategies that are always evolving.

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