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China: Web-based App Store allows you to download applications illegally without jailbreak

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<p style=As we have repeatedly stressed on YourLifeUpdated, jailbreak is an indispensable procedure for anyone who wants to personalize their Apple device, be it an iPhone, an iPod or an iPad.

With the jailbreak, in fact, you can install Cydia, an alternative application portal that allows users to download and install so-called tweaks, which are essentially changes to Apple's iOS operating system. Thanks to Cydia, the tweaks and those who develop them, it is possible to overcome the many limitations that Apple imposes on its operating system and it is possible to customize the device according to your tastes and preferences.

In fact, with Cydia's tweaks and Jailbreak, it's possible change the theme of your iPhone, add Android-style widgets to your home, customize the lockscreen and homescreen, change the information shown in the system notification bar, add quick switches for system settings, unlock bluetooth and much more. In practice, there is a tweak for every occasion and need.

But jailbreak also allows you to download and install cracked applications on iPhone, iPod and iPad. With the jailbreak and some particular tweaks, in fact, it is possible to download and install for free practically any application that would normally be paid. This is an illegal operation, which obviously does not appeal to Apple very much: that's why, every time a new Jailbreak tool is released, Apple runs for cover to try to counter it.

To date, the only way to install paid applications for free was through jailbreak. Without it, in fact, it was possible to download and install paid applications on iPhone, iPod and iPad only by regularly purchasing them from the AppStore, paying the price requested by the developers.

But things are about to change. Indeed, in China they have already changed!

The TechInAsia website reported yesterday that the site managed to create a special procedure that allows users to download and install any type of application that would normally be paid, even without jailbreak!

The portal belongs to a company called YouRanTianDi Technology based in Beijing. Through an application that you download inside the computer, the site allows you to download applications for free. All this works through the exploitation of business licenses that allow, in theory, to download to its employees an unlimited number of applications contained in the company portfolio. According to recent statistics, the portal made it possible to halve the number of jailbroken devices in China.

The author of the project would be TaleKuaiYong, a hacker known to have made other similar projects in the past, who would have used special licenses to overcome the security systems that allow the App Store applications not to be pirated. The new site is essentially just a store where you can download appropriately modified apps and install them on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. All, as we said, without jailbreak! It will be like installing any free app on the iPhone, with the difference that these, at least in theory, would be paid.

Clever Chinese hacker wanted to keep a low profile outside his state to avoid capturing the attention of foreign media, but apparently failed in his intent, given that the media around the world talk about it.To try to limit the diffusion of the service, for, the site available only in Chinese and also uses geolocation to redirect visitors outside China: users who do not access the site from China, in fact, cannot perform any operation on the portal (I have not tried with a proxy or with a modified IP, if someone try it, let us know if it works).

How will Apple react to this new affront? In the past, Apple has fought hard sites like AppTrackr, bringing it to a close, but in this case the situation is slightly different. According to 9To5Mac, in fact, the company will have to proceed with caution in China after losing some legal disputes over the issue of device warranty (Tim Cook personally apologized to customers).

We, as always, will keep you updated and will let you know if the site should also be made available to users who do not reside in China.

In the meantime, if you have done the jailbreak, you can take a look at these our focuses:

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