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5 Android games not to be missed February 2015

More and more games are published frequently on the Google Play Store free and for a fee, but which are the android games that have aroused the most interest and which will entertain the most users? popular and appreciated, very likely that some particularly valid and worthy android games have very little visibility.

Today we will see together which are the androidpi games unmissable to be installed on your smartphone to spend a few hours of pure fun and entertainment. Keep in mind, however, that the toys are not arranged in any particular order, as this is not a ranking and the games are not all part of the same genre. Without further ado let's go so to see what they are.

Limbo a puzzle-platform title initially launched on Xbox Live Arcade in 2010, but has since been brought to several other platforms. Now finally landed on Android, being immediately appreciated by users in the midst of many other android games, so if you have not had the chance to play before you are still in time! The controls are extremely simple, but they are effective and the gameplay flows smoothly from one puzzle to another, but it will take a while to understand how to survive. The developers have paid particular attention to the graphic aspect of the game making it look very refined and interesting although relatively simple.

Producer:PlaydeadVersion:1.2Dimension:127 MBUpdate date:February 20, 2015Price:4.23

Day of the Viking tries to bring freshness to the world of Android games, taking advantage of a well-established genre and game mechanics. The aim of the game is to defend your castle from waves of invading Vikings by having only archers and catapults at your disposal, you will have to be agile to be able to keep up with the assault! The 2D game and your castle will be located to the right of each level, the Vikings will enter from the left and march towards the door, some of them can attack from a distance while others are a threat only once you reach your castle.The textures are simple but they are well done, moreover, the various levels are structured in different environments.Sometimes you will find yourself fighting in the middle of the night in a dense forest, and other times at noon in a field open. Definitely a game worth trying to spend a few hours having fun.

Producer:(adult swim) gamesVersion:00:13Dimension:48 MBUpdate date:February 2, 2015Price:Free

If you are a fan of Vikings and physics-based android games, you should try Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage, a sort of dynamic, immediate and addictive puzzle game. The aim of the game is to solve puzzles by making their way through ice, rope, cannons, explosives, mud and … er … chickens, to get your Vikings friends back safely on their ship! Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage includes 3 total stages with lots of puzzle levels inside. The game tries not to get taken too seriously, but that doesn't mean you won't miss a whole day trying to figure out how to take all the treasures from each level. !

Producer:NitromeVersion:1.0.2Dimension:44 MBUpdate date:May 14, 2014Price:1.82

You will be amazed by the simple geometry, the bright colors, and the fantastic soundtrack of Kiwanuka, a game that requires you to think out of the ordinary to be fully appreciated, and this makes it special in spite of many other android games.In the game you will impersonate a little wizard in an attempt to save his little friends with only power, that is, the ability to stack them all and use them as a bridge or a rope. simple and fun, and thanks to the fairly short levels playable anywhere and anytime. Kiwanuka playable on multiple devices, so if you move regularly between tablets and smartphones you will find your game progress in both the devices.

Producer:JakylVersion:2.0.0Dimension:42 MBUpdate date:January 15, 2015Price:2.99

Monument Valley a unique puzzle game of its kind, difficult to find other games similar to this on the Play Store.Not free-to-play, so if you want to download the game you will have to buy it, but without any kind of ads and in-app purchases that would damage the game experience – a rather short game (although new levels have recently been added), which you could even finish in one afternoon, but the developers made up for it quite well with a picturesque masterpiece and an intelligent level design. Finally, the really rewarding gameplay: each puzzle you solve will give you a metaphorical pat on the back.

Producer:ustwoVersion:2.0.33Dimension:242 MBUpdate date:November 25, 2014Price:3.59

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