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Vodafone Pack goes to 2 GB

The Vodafone Pack goes to 2 GB. The news leaked yesterday by some circles close to the British operator's environment is today confirmed by Andrea Duilo, head of marketing consumer consumer of Vodafone Italia, whose statements are reported by the Vodafone Labs blog.

Several users – Duilio says – found the monthly data traffic threshold included in Vodafone subscription plans too low. Monthly threshold which, remember, 600MB. Now we bring it to 2 GB, this for the next 12 months. For all customers, the cost of the Vodafone Pack offer for iPhone (10 euros per month for subscriptions, 3 euros per week for rechargeable) remains unchanged

The promotion follows the launch, then aborted, of the complete flat, announced both by the 190 voice guide and by Vodafone operators. As known to Macity readers, a spokesman for the company had told our site that the "publication" of the tariff was the result of an error that had involved the whole system, but that in the following hours, news would be introduced in the iPhone offer .

The 2 GB per month promotion is valid for both old and new customers who have subscribed (or will subscribe by October 31) for a Vodafone Pack plan, with subscription or top-up. The transition from 600MB to 2GB automatic.

At the time of writing, the Vodafone web page has not yet been modified to report the change in the offer and even the operators of the 190 report that they have no news, but the Vodafone press office, contacted by Macity, confirms the modification of the Vodafone Pack promotion for iPhone and that the procedures for informing customers and the details published on the site are underway.

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Thanks for the report to Daniel G.