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The best chess games on Android

When it comes to board games, the chess they are certainly among the best known ever. Of course, in the era of furniture, to have fun and to put your strategies into practice, you no longer need a chessboard or a lot less than pieces of wood. Here are the ones I consider the best chess games on Android.

Chess (Chess Free): of all the games available on the Google Play Store, the one released by Al Factory Limited the most widespread ever. Test your strategies, facing an artificial intelligence, based on 12 difficulty ratios, from novice to expert. With this game, beginners have the opportunity to learn new strategies. Excellent, then, the possibility to consult the statistics of each match. The only drawback? Too many invasive banners, tax to keep in mind for all the free games.

Chess Play & Learn

Chess Play & Learn: the game is the same that you can find on the website You can play both challenging computer games and compete against opponents in online matches. As in most chess games on Android, there is no shortage of lessons and video tutorials from the best known masters around the world on how to refine your strategies. Unfortunately, however, they are not in Italian. The level of customization is really high, since you can choose from 20 alternative themes among chessboards, pieces and backgrounds. Also Chess Play & Learn offers accurate statistics.

Chess With Friends Free

Chess With Friends Free: Zynga's game is perhaps the most professional, since it also allows you to watch the games, in order to understand any wrong moves. How to play? Just log in with your Facebook account and challenge strangers or your friends in 1 vs 1 games. Who will win? Both rankings and statistics are available.

Chess For Android

Chess For Android: we conclude the short list of chess games on Android with that of Aart Bik. What is so special about it? Lightness (the weight of 394 k on a really inconsistent smartphone), a graphic that recalls 80's style games and the possibility of memorizing the game in progress, and then resuming it, in the eventuality also at a later time. Perhaps, the difficulty quotient is higher than the others competitor, even for novices.

In short, games for serious chess players.

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