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Security issues with iDisk: beware of passwords

Security problems with iDisk: beware of passwords logomacitynet1200wide 1

In fact, the online file sharing system was not written according to the typical security standards of WebDAV, the system on which the entire Apple iTools Service is sufficient. According to the company specialized in security and networking, access to the iDisk online disk space is no longer used in the AFP protocol (Apple Filing Protocol, used in previous versions). The protocol used by iDisk in OSX 10.1 in fact now WebDAV and the system implemented in order to send access passwords in plain text format, an absolutely permeable method by hackers who with appropriate sniffers can "read" data in transit to and from their system. Once the password is obtained, in fact, a shrewd and indiscreet eye can have full access to its iTools services, including email. The advice is to wait for a patch to the embarrassing developer gaffe and use the iTools versions older than the version present in OSX 10.1

Source: Securemachttp: //

(By Rudy Belcastro)

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