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Samsung Galaxy S5 emergency mode: here's how to use it

The objective of this article is to point out some precautions on how to use the Samsung Galaxy S5 emergency mode, flagship smartphone of the South Korean giant. As for all mobile devices, the battery, however from 2,800 mAh, a little the Achilles heel. So, if you don't pay attention, you risk not being able to send an SMS or making phone calls at the end of the day. Especially in the face of intensive use.

First of all so Samsung Galaxy S5 emergency mode? Nothing but a set of functions for intelligent use of the device, useful for saving energy or better for extending the autonomy of the terminal in the face of emergency situations.

It must be said that not everyone knows it, mostly out of laziness. How many people take the trouble to review all the features within the settings? The high number certainly does not help those in a hurry!

How to activate it on your own Galaxy S5? There are two ways:

  • Power button and emergency mode;
  • Settings > Emergency communications > Emergency mode

Galaxy S5 emergency mode

The first time you log in to your terminal, you must necessarily enter at least one phone number as a favorite, a very useful function in emergency situations. The contacts you will enter will be precisely those that will be used in these circumstances. Once you accept the terms, simply activate the emergency mode Samsung Galaxy S5 when the autonomy of the terminal starts to run low.

After that you can choose how to customize the Samsung Galaxy S5 emergency mode. You can reduce the brightness of the screen (the contents will be shown in black and white), turn on the flash, send your position via SMS, sound the alarm, disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Finally, special mention to the function Geo News which is extremely useful in cases of risky weather conditions nearby. Activate it by following the path Settings > Emergency communications > Geo News and the device will immediately locate your location. The function Help messages will allow you to send an SMS to the contacts preset for the aforementioned function. How to activate it? By pressing the power button three times in succession.

In this way, you can make yourself available even in the most difficult situations.

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