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Myriad's Melody and Harmony Assistant studio midi shareware: also for X

Myriad's Melody and Harmony Assistant studio midi shareware: also for X logomacitynet1200wide 1

Maybe they will have a slightly too "Windowsian" look given the cross-platform origin but it cannot be denied that Melody Assistant, Harmony Assistant and all the rest of Myriad's packages offer musicians a multitude of impressive tools, with the possibility to write scores for guitar, for harmonica, to have a virtual singer,

Let's see the software one by one:

Melody Assistant to write and compose musicHarmony Assistant allows you to have harmonization, drum sequences, improved and more powerful editing, management of guitar and special TablatureVirtual Singer allows your computer to sing with different voices and languages ??includedOmer it is a score recognition program: just insert a page with the music staves in the scanner to get an editable file with your Mac.Melody Player it is a freeware reproducer of Midi, MOD and S3M files that does not require any additional hardware. Since the beginning of October the applications have been "Charred" and also work with Mac OS X but old Macs with processor 68,000.

In addition to the possibility of having the software in a multilingual version (also in Italian), there is also online documentation in our language that you can use to deepen all the capabilities of the programs.

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