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Making cocktails: guide for images on iPhone and iPad

Making cocktails: guide for images on iPhone and iPad logomacitynet1200wide 1

Photo App – Cocktail Recipe arrived on the App store. The application aims to offer a small encyclopedia of cocktails useful to professionals and also to those who simply want to do something original for themselves or for friends.

In the program we find 100 different recipes guided step by step, from the ingredients to the secrets of mixing, accompanied by a very rich photographic apparatus: as many as 600 quality images aimed at teaching the preparation techniques. Each recipe is introduced by a photographic overview showing the ingredients, so it will be easier to verify that everything you need is actually available before you start mixing.

The app based on four chapters divided by type of cocktail: classic, with vodka and gin, on whiskey and rum and sparkling & co. There is no shortage of recipes for special occasions and non-alcoholic mixes. In each chapter we will have 25 cocktails, but we can also search by ingredients and type. It is also offered the possibility to save the recipes, write down notes in each single recipe, send the list of ingredients by e-mail.

Photographic Recipe Book – Cocktail, based on a book in English ("Cocktails – Step-by-Step") on sale on the App Store for 3.99 euros in the Universal version.

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Offer under the tree: iPhone 11 discounted by 100 euros

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