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Mac Pro, the € 480 wheels don't have brakes

By Giacomo Martiradonna Thursday 27 February 2020

The very expensive optional wheels for the new Mac Pro have one flaw: they don't have brakes, and this is creating absurd problems for people.

one of those things that we would not believe possible, were it not so. Passes that the new Mac Pro, with that coast, does not include the optional set of wheels; and also pass that these wheels cost the beauty of 120 each, not even platinum. But now, users have noticed an unforgivable defect.

Mac Pro: the extra-ultra version costs over 62,000

Mac Pro: the extra-ultra version costs over 62,000

Powerful, modern, upgradeable and versatile. The new Mac Pro is the forbidden dream of users and professionals, but in the flagship version it can reach over 62,000. Display excluded.

Mac Pro accessories are expensive. An example is the stand for the Pro Display XDR which allows you to rotate and tilt the Apple monitor at will: it is sold at a price of 1,099. The wheels, however, come well 480 VAT included (in theory you are buying the whole "stainless steel frame with wheels", but the sense does not change). And with similar figures for such trivial accessories, in all honesty, one would expect the non plus ultra.

And instead, if you place the Mac Pro with wheels on a desk or on a smooth / slippery / not perfectly straight floor, the Mac Pro will start to wander the hall. Apple did not in fact foresee a integrated brake system.

The Network immediately intervened with theiFermaMacPro which you see below, sold wisely at a cost of $ 999 per wheel; on the other hand, two are enough to lock the whole Mac. When you say savings.

Mac Pro like a grater: the irony of the Net

Mac Pro like a grater: the irony of the Net

Now that the highly anticipated new Mac Pro has finally been announced, a flood of delicious trolls on the Web. That Jonathan Ive can forgive us all.