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iOS 13.4 beta 3 hides OS Recovery: iPhone recovery will be done via OTA

Apple has just released the iOS 13.4 third beta (also public), iOS version that could introduce news of great importance for the future of the platform.

We have already seen that the update should bring CarKey functionality – which will actually transform the smartphone into a real digital key for compatible cars -, but the latest beta 3 has revealed the presence of a even more important function: Apple is working on a system that will allow you to restore a iPhone bricked directly from the smartphone, using one new recovery via OTA.

The novelty was discovered by colleagues from 9to5Mac, who are continuing to dig into the code to find more clues. At the moment it has emerged that the function is called OS Recovery and that allows – like what has been happening for years on macOS – of reset the device by downloading the latest version of the operating system from the network, the whole without needing a PC.

But OS Recovery is not limited to this: it seems that it will also make this possible by connecting the device that needs assistance to another iOS / iPadOS terminal. In practice this will allow Apple's home terminals to become completely independent of a computer also from this point of view.

Although OS Recovery is present in the iOS 13.4 code, it is not absolutely certain that it is already implemented by this version. Apple may also decide to make it an iOS 14 feature or even to remove it entirely. At the moment everything is possible. In any case, this function opens even more the doors to a scenario iPhone without any type of connector, that could materialize as early as 2021.

If this were confirmed, Apple is unlikely to choose to go to the door Type-C on the iPhone 12, since this could have a very short life. We await further developments.