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iBendit arrives on Google Play the game that ironizes on iPhone …

The phenomenon of bendgate continues to rage on the network, started from Apple's iPhone 6 Plus and arrived in the last few days also to touch the Galaxy Note 4, continues to have the new Apple home phablet as its favorite victim, which now also has a new game dedicated, iBendit, on the Play Store.

The game, approved by Google on its digital application store, a blatant joke about the iPhone 6 Plus, and the bendgate that went wild against it. The mechanics of the game so simple that it is becoming a real must have on devices Android.

The purpose of iBendit you can imagine, the player will have to demonstrate his ability to try fold the new iPhone 6 Plus, the faster you tap on the screen and the greater the bend you will be able to get, whoever manages to destroy the Apple device in the shortest possible time wins.

The developers have also included a sort of ranking that indicates which players took the least time to fold the iPhone 6 Plus. A game that could become the catchphrase of the moment, with the controversies that already rise on the net about the fact that Google has allowed publishing on its own Play Store of that title.

For all those who want to try iBendit, they can download it for free directly at this link.

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