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How to use the iPhone keyboard or touch for Apple TV

How to use the iPhone keyboard or touch for Apple TV logomacitynet1200wide 1

The remote control with 6 Apple Remote buttons invented in Cupertino has a minimal look and allows you to do any operation but when you get to type a name on the on-screen keyboard on Apple TV to search for a video on youtube or change some configuration parameter, patience may run out .

But don't despair: if you have an iPod touch or an iPhone with firmware 2.0 or higher you can always load the free "Remote" application and access your playlists simply by pairing the Apple TV library with your digital player. But not only: when it appears the grid of the letters on the screen if your iPhone is "paired", the normal data entry keypad appears which you can use to not waste any more time. Below you can see how simple it is to enter data remotely via Wi-Fi.

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Too bad that Apple has not even thought of replicating the AppleRemote on the video of its touch devices!

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