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How to enable gesture navigation in Android P

Google announced the Android P Beta on stage today on Google I / O and the next aspect of the company's mobile operating system looks really fabulous. In addition to a myriad of features introduced with the new Android P Developer Preview 2, Google has also introduced a new way of navigating your system with Gesture Navigation. Google is eliminating the traditional three-button navigation bar (not completely) and Now has added a pill-shaped home button in Android P. So, would you like to try it on your Android P device? Well, read on as we show you how to enable gesture navigation in Android P:

How to enable gesture navigation in Android P

Note : I tried the following method on my Google Pixel 2 XL with Android P Developer Preview 2. The method should remain the same for all other devices with Android P Developer Preview 2.

1. Go up Settings -> System -> Gestures .

2. Here you will find an option for "Swipe up on the Home button" . Touch it.

3. Now, enable the switch next to Swipe up on the Home button as shown below:

4. And that's all . The navigation bar should now be changed to the new gesture navigation.

Old navigation bar (top) and new gesture navigation pill (bottom)

Now that you have activated the new gesture-based navigation on your Android P device, you can use it to easily interact with your device. simply swipe the pill icon to access multitasking view and drag the pill icon to the right and left to browse all recent apps on the device. You can also consult our detailed guide on how to use gesture navigation in Android P.

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Enjoy gesture navigation on Android P devices

Despite being controversial, the new gesture navigation on Android P Developer Preview 2 certainly brings a new way of navigating through your device. It focuses on easy switching between recent apps and allows the user to be more productive. Plus, fun at the same time. While I wish Google would have come up with an alternative method to remove the navigation bar by itself to give more screen space, gesture navigation is still pretty damn good. But what do you think? Share with us your opinions on the new navigation gesture in the comments below.