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Google Now also available today on iPhone, iPod, iPad and iOS


Google Now lands on iOS for iPhone, iPod, iPad today

Google Now lands on iOS through the update of the Google Search application.

After a long time, finallyGoogle Now finally arrived also on iOS thanks to the update of the Google Search application, which reaches version 3.0.

For those who do not know it, remember that Google Now is a Siri-like system that allows you to ask a question and get an answer such as the weather forecast or match results.

Google Now available on iOS devices starting today

A few lines to announce that Google Now also available today for iOS and therefore for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

All Apple devices can now take advantage of all the benefits and features offered by Google Now, which is proposed as an excellent alternative to Siri, the voice assistant created by Apple for its devices.

Google Now therefore stops being exclusive to Android and available for all Apple devices.

At the moment, the Google Now app does not integrate with the notification center, but probably this functionality will be introduced later. For now, moreover, the Google Now iOS app is slightly more limited than the one proposed for Android: pages such as boarding passes, activity summary, events, concerts, Fandango and Zillow are not offered by Google Now for iOS, while they are present in the Android version. After all, it seems right to me that the Android version has some more advantages.

At this point, I recommend that you run to download the Google Now app for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Try it and let me know how you are. If you have an iOS device and an Android device, try the app on both and let us know what the differences between the two are.

We close with a video demo of the software:

[youtuber youtube = ?http: // v = pPqliPzHYyc?]

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