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Firmware 2.2: news in the Safari interface

Firmware 2.2: news in the Safari interface logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple released the new version of Firmware 2.2 for iPhone and touch last week, Macity talked about it here.

Among the first novelties contained in the release of the operating system for Apple's pocket-sized touch cards, some changes emerge in the interface of the Safari Mobile Internet browsing program. In the command bar at the top, the Google search field has been inserted, just as it has long been available in the computer version of Safari. To make room for the Google input field, the web address bar has been moved to the left, plus the interruption / update button on the page has been integrated directly into the address space. Finally, the magnifying glass icon, used for Google searches, disappears.

Among the first sites to detect the changes of the new Firmware 2.2 we mention and also Smoking Apples, from which we reproduce an image with the comparison of the two interfaces of Safari Mobile. The new interface visible on the left with the direct entry field for Google searches at the top, while the current Safari Mobile interface is visible on the right.

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