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FireWire and USB 2 on January Macs?

FireWire and USB 2 on January Macs? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple not only plans the release of Macs based on the new G5 processor for the next MacWorld Expo in San Francisco, machines that will have speeds above GHz, but now determined to present new motherboards that will support USB 2 and the evolution of FireWire, technically known as IEEE 1394b.A to support this thesis the English online tabloid The Register which claims to have had insurances from Apple's 'deep throats' on the issue. USB 2, as readers will know, the second generation Universal Standard Bus which it distinguishes itself from the current one for the increase of speed in the transmission of data that will pass from 12 Mbps to 480 Mbps today. A level of level that makes its supporters think that the stardard could have competed with FireWire. In fact, in recent months it has become clear that USB 2, in reality, can be a complement to FireWire, given that the adoption of the latter has reached a level that is in fact the default system for those who want high-speed digital connections speed, especially for digital video. In addition, FireWire allows the series construction of 'cascade' peripherals, while USB 2 continues to require, like USB 1.2, the use of hubs. Finally, FireWire will soon be able, with the IEEE 1394b version, to exceed the current 400 Mbps to reach 800 Mbps, thereby increasing the maximum distance between the peripheral and the CPU. IEEE 1394b will take the place of the traditional IEEE 1394 today in use in Macs and this adoption will facilitate, according to The Register, the use of USB 2. The two systems will be able to coexist because USB, even in its faster version, will continue to be destined for peripherals with lower speed requirements, such as burners, keyboards, mice and other accessories, bringing for significant benefits compared to USB 1.2 even without competing with FireWire that will splash at 800 Mbps with IEEE 1394b. In parallel, Apple intends to introduce new DDR SDRAM memories in the new CPUs in January and, as mentioned, new G5 processors that could start from 1.2 GHz to 1.4 GHz. If these assumptions were true Apple, once again, would be able to precede below the technological point of view is competition. Not only could it, in fact, be the first company to launch a machine with FireWire 2 but also among the very first to adopt USB 2 standards.

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