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Does the Wall Street crisis also affect iPhone and BlackBerry?

Does the Wall Street crisis also affect iPhone and BlackBerry? logomacitynet1200wide 1

The crisis of American banks, which has dragged Lehman Brothers into the abyss and which is keeping other big names in world finance on the grill, could also have a vicious effect in the telephony business. This judgment of some analysts who see a sort of sword of Damocles hanging on the heads of the manufacturers of smartphones, including RIM and Apple.

In fact, the main target for BlackBerry or iPhone are businessmen, eager to spend their money on a latest mobile phone or owners of an apparatus subsidized by their company, ready to provide them with a portable work tool.

From this point of view, the approximately 40,000 layoffs rumored for the collapse of Lehman and other economic problems caused by the unsettling turbulence of Wall Street could spill over on the sales of mobile phones of a "crisis" business segment.

The first obvious victim would be RIM, a company that has always been dedicated to a medium-high, purely corporate target; secondly, the iPhone could also be subject to a backlash, in an attempt to scale a business market which is itself staggering. There are therefore many who keep their attention on Wall Street, not only on the performance of the indices but also for the possible subsequent consequences.

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