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Dev Team: work in progress on iPhone 3G and new touch

A new post published a few hours ago on the official-unofficial blog of the Dev Team, illustrates some of the programmers' discoveries about the new version of the iPhone operating system, the Beta 2.2 firmware released yesterday by Apple to the developer community.

The new Firmware 2.2 was baptized by Cupertino with the code name "Timberline", in addition the code also contains a scandeza date, to be precise on November 30, 2008: by this date therefore Apple will have to make available another version of the Firmware.

Finally, as expected by the Dev Team since the first launch on 11 July, the new Beta 2.2 firmware is also vulnerable to the PwnageTool and quickpwn tools used to date for unlocking iPhones (2G only) and iPod Touch.

As for the new challenges, the Dev Team declares that the work to make the operator unlock possible on the iPhone 3G continues, although it is still not possible to know if and when a solution will be published. Recall that Italian users are not affected by this limitation, as the iPhone 3Gs on the market in the boot work with any operator.

Finally, from the blog of the Dev Team we learn that the jailbreak of the new iPod touch, presented on September 9, cannot be performed with the tools available to date and used for the iPhone and for the first generation of the touch. The Dev Team says it will try some hardware crack in the coming days.